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He is delightful. 

I don’t even…

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Jul 3


Roll call for VidCon Super Seniors! Reblog if you’ve gone to all 5 years of VidCon!


"…Big summer blowout."Oaken from Frozen



"…Big summer blowout."

Oaken from Frozen




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Jun 3

You should not
have to rip yourself
into pieces to keep
others whole.


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Now THIS is art.

Have I reblogged this before. I don’t care, How absolutely amazing this is. 

This. Is. Perfection.

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Believe me when I say, these are the BEST Muppet bloopers ever. Please, please WATCH. You get to watch Frank Oz’s sanity slowly slip away. Priceless.

“Hubba wah?! HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA WAH?! Hubba WAH?!?”

Literally the GREATEST THING I have ever seen! Oh my God, the fact that they stayed in character and kept puppeteering the whole time. I’M CRYING!

The fact that this video now has 8,000+ notes makes me so damn happy.

Praise jesus someone posted this— they’re literally the best.  It’s even funnier when you know what Ma’s voice ACTUALLY sounds like in the movie and then you hear Frank Oz doing essentially a scratchtape version of it for the actual filming.  

"Who are we ma?" 


this is freaking hilarious

Apr 2

One note = one vote. Like or reblog to vote for your state! Go California


One note = one vote. Like or reblog to vote for your state! Go California

Mar 9


I’m glad that Bilbo Baggins exists

Because in the book, the dude was pretty firmly middle aged when his crazy-ass adventure started

He was settled down in the house that belonged to his parents and had done precisely jack shit with his life

It gives me hope that maybe some nutcase wizard will eventually show up and be like yo

you’re a burglar now

don’t even care that you didn’t roll rogue homie we got dragons to slay and kingdoms to save 

Mar 8

I’ve spent a lot of my life watching movies. I mean, there are piles of dvds in every room of my house. I even work at a movie theatre. There has always been a part of me that was really hoping that I would get to have my “movie moment,” whether it be the romantic boy, the grand gesture, the dance scene, the time slowing down scene, etc.

Last night I realized
We all get movie scenes, just not anything like the way we would have expected.

Last night wasn’t anything important. I didn’t learn anything new about myself or my friends or the world. My life didn’t change. 
But time stopped. The world played out in slow motion and I knew that things were going to look different in my eyes.

It was one of those times where we should have said something epic or cheesy. Last night, we were infinite. Last night we fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly then all at once. Last night we lived while we were young. Last night, we were kings of the world. You get it, right?

We just got together to have a party. A PARTY, of all places. We got drunk. We laughed. NOTHING was bad. I don’t mean that everything was perfect; there were creepy strangers and someone got sick. But nothing was bad. We were in a bubble where all the bad in the world just didn’t know how to get in. We just got to play games and make each other laugh so hard we fell to the floor, gasping for breath. We walked around in the cold, black night and gazed at the stars BECAUSE WE COULD. We said stupid things and then repeated them. At the end of the night, we got in a big pile and tried to fall asleep, our silly thoughts and overflowing joy causing us to burst into laughter, yet again. We finally fell asleep on the floor, safe, happy, and not alone.

It isn’t a big thing, but it will never, to me, be a small thing. If my life were a movie, that scene would be in it. It would have nothing to do with the plot. It would make the audience laugh and flinch and think to themselves, “I wish my life was like a movie!” And I just want all of them to know, they will have their moments. I want them to know, after all the crazy things we have to go through and put up with it, there are tiny moments that make it all worth it.